May 31, 2023

#08 Your House Will Explode

Join Edmund and Lanna as they discuss the issues of the day: religion, gun control, politics and fleas. Edmund describes adventures in bug bombs. And Lanna says, “The fleas were killing me with their little bitey things.”

#07: Cheerfully Depressed

Lanna and Edmund chat about Magic the Gathering, Dominion and other games. Lanna announces she is cheerfully depressed. They explain why they haven’t podcasted since January and talk about the grieving process. And woods funk. There be woods funk.

#06: Kindles and Boskones, Oh My!

Podcasting setup with Zoom H2Edmund and Lanna expound on reading goodness using their dueling Kindles and the library. They also talk about their upcoming trip to the Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention Boskone which will be held in Boston, Massachusetts.

#05: Media Gluttony

One of our many shelves of MediaEdmund and Lanna start the year off right with a rousing podcast about spirit, blogging, media and politics. Find out why Lanna avoids politics and why Edmund wants to run for office.

#04: Feta Dip of Awesome: Holy crap we forgot to press record edition

Old Kindle Vs New Kindle FireAfter a false start, Lanna and Edmund discuss academics, Beer, Holiday Parties and the New Kindle fire.

#03: Naked Mouse Adventures

Not as innocent as they look - Squiggy and Lenny

Lanna and Edmund talk about college, Black Friday, NaBloPoMo and the new Muppet Movie. Also revealed: Naked Mouse Adventures.

#02: Beer, Blogging and Books

In what might be considered a burgeoning geeky trend, Lanna and Edmund talk about beer, blogging and books.

01: Occupy Westbrook

Bureau of Awesome starts off right with a pocast about books, reading, movies, meditation and occupying something. Edmund gets off his high horse and does the safety, scratch that, the salmon dance.


Do you know what’s awesome? 0: Podcast Episode Zero

Podcasts. And guess what! Here is the official Bureau of Awesome Inaugural episode. Starring ME (Lanna) and my dear husband Edmund! Sweet. Take a listen.

Thinking the Bureau of Awesome needs to pump up the awesomeness, don’t you?

Edited 10/27/2011 to add: re-linked our inaugural episode here.

0: Podcast Episode Zero

What was I thinking?

Why start a Bureau of Awesome?

Do you ever imagine you won a lot of money in a lottery and plan how you’d spend it? I do. A few weeks ago, I decided I’d use a portion of my winnings to create a Bureau of Awesome. Instead of a day job, we’d just work at being awesome!

In my fantasy, the Bureau would promote awesome things, get some awesome people together, and create a creative space (literally and figuratively) for people to do awesome stuff. Since awesomeness is subjective, I planned to  invite other purveyors and creators of awesome to join me; we’d set the tone and mission for the Bureau. We’d have awesome events, give grants to artists and writers to work on awesome projects, and have an awesome office, with tons of technical equipment that would help us create awesome.

I didn’t win the lottery [I didn't even buy a ticket.]

Instead, I had an epiphany: You don’t need money to be awesome.

Then it came, my Evil Plan! I’d start a Bureau of Awesome anyway.

Evil Plans are Best by Hugh MacLeod

Hugh MacLeod puts it best:

Everybody needs an EVIL PLAN. Everybody needs that crazy, out-there idea that allows them to ACTUALLY start doing something they love, doing something that matters. Everybody needs an EVIL PLAN that gets them the hell out of the Rat Race, away from lousy bosses, away from boring, dead-end jobs that they hate. Life is short.

Every person who ever managed to do this, every person who manged to escape the cubical farm and start doing something interesting and meaningful, started off with their own EVIL PLAN. And yeah, pretty much everyone around them- friends, family, colleagues- thought they were nuts.

from Hugh MacLeod’s blog post my next book “evil plans”

(Note: Hugh MacLeod is awesome.)

The Bureau of Awesome is in its nascent form. We will start small but will have big goals. The Alliance of Awesome is forming and it will be…