June 25, 2022


Bureau Of AwesomeIn the Bureau Of Awesome, Edmund and Lanna talk about politics, books, movies, games and the internets.

The Bureau of Awesome started back in 2010, when Lanna purchased the BureauOfAwesome.com web url. She didn’t figure out what to do with it until 2011, why not a podcast!

Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn and Lanna Lee Maheux met in New York City in 2003. They found each other through internet dating, and after their first date, they were both hooked! In 2004 they were married, and in 2005 they moved to Maine – Lanna’s homestate – a good move for both of them.

About Edmund

Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn is a former College Republican and Friedmanite turning more Socialist every day. He is a Poet, Blogger, Reader, Activist .. and is now posting every day at 10pm EST at http://ed2dq.com

About Lanna

Lanna Lee Maheux geeks out on statistics as a Programmer/Analyst. She is an actor, a student, a humorist and an award-winning balloon twister, clown and speaker. She is a lover AND a fighter.

Her balloons have been seen in Maxim Magazine and she taught at Twist & Shout 2004, The Best Balloon Twister’s and Entertainer’s Convention.

Lanna is a recovering Stand-Up Comic.